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Rosan D. Randle

March 13, 1985

Rest in Heaven dear sweet mom. Thank you so much for showing what love and sacrifice means.

March 13th is personal for me. I lost my Mom 38 years ago today. We got home from school and she wasn’t there. Mom was always there. When I heard she had been in a tragic car accident - my life changed instantly. At 9 years old, I was confused, lonely and angry. I used to dread this day because her passing felt like my ending. For a long time, I asked - why me? With time, I realized she was still with me. Now her life and legacy have shaped my why. She wanted her college degree but couldn’t afford it as a single parent. After long days at work, Mom taught piano lessons. On the nights she didn’t teach, we would collect soda cans for recycling money. She did whatever it took to take care of us.

I'm am part of Live Your Dream Foundation, a non-profit that provides college scholarships to single moms in Utah. With their support and relentless efforts we can help single mother families gain an education. One of my dreams has been to start a scholarship in my Mom’s name.  With Live Your Dream Foundation help, this dream will now be a reality. The Rosan D. Randle Scholarship will go to a deserving mom every year for years to come. As a kid, our little family had next to nothing. Now, my Mom and I will give something meaningful together. 

March 13th isn’t a day I dread anymore. When pain shifts to passion and purpose - the real work begins.

In your memory, Mom. 



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