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Specializing in video editing and graphic design for celebrations-of-life, weddings, graduations, and all of life's special occasions.

It is a calling to share a beautiful love story and heartfelt life tributes to make sure the stories in our lives are never forgotten. 

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The Dash

When life ends, all you get is a little dash "-" in between your dates of birth and death to symbolize your entire life on the memorial marker, urn, gravestone, and on the memorial service cards and programs. I replace the dash "-" with a QR code so you can scan it and see the memorial service slideshow to preserve memories of your loved ones.

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The Founder

Our lives can change in an instant, and after our time here is over, most of us will be forgotten. I realized this as a first responder seeing life begin and end on the streets of Los Angeles for a quarter of a century. In 2017 a friend died during a training accident. At his funeral, I stared at a the dates of birth and death...the little dash symbol in between the dates... and I thought, "after pouring our heart and soul into this life...all we get is a little 'dash'?" I thought about adding photo memories of our lives onto an engraved QR code and replacing the dash with the QR code. In 2020, I made one for my colleague so he would always be remembered. I learned existing solutions were too complicated, so I started DASH to simplify this process. I personally serve customers with analog methods until I can raise enough capital to build an AI platform to build beautiful simple solutions for smart phone users. I pour my heart soul into every life tribute video. I do not outsource. I personally care for your loved one's memories. This is my calling and it is my mission to make sure people don't fade away. As a firefighter, I dedicated my life to rescuing as the founder at DASH...I dedicate myself to rescuing people from being forgotten.

David R. Gastelum, Video Editor, Graphic Designer, and Founder at DASH


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