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"When my wife first scanned the Dash (QR code) the video started playing pics we took from our first date and the song from our first concert we went to. She started crying and gave me the biggest hug. We even made a Dash for her dad's 65th to celebrate him while he's alive."

Jason and Nicole Foster, Redondo Beach, CA


"I lost my husband Ray a year ago to cancer.  When I first saw Ray's photo in the beautiful glass block, I was stunned with the beauty of it: simple and very modern. I didn't know what the QR code was at first, but when I scanned heart felt Ray's love and I remembered so many memories from the video.  I have Ray's Dash in my living room to share my love's memories. It's beautiful to have him so close to me."

Lorraine Mayo, San Pedro, CA


"I love my Dash of my German Shorthair Pointer, Pata. He was a rescue and I had him for 14 wonderful many memories.  I love that I can point my phone at the Dash and see his beautiful tribute video. I cried when I watched it for the first dozen times. I miss my Pata and I am happy his memories won't fade away in my phone somewhere. I can just scan Pata's Dash."

Bonita Inza, Corporate Executive, Marina Del Rey, CA

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